Creating My Health Blueprint

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Bryan Johnson's Blueprint has been taking the world by storm.

Blueprint is data-driven health protocol that is meant to push the limits of what is possible today in the realm of anti-aging and wellness. It takes all of the lowest hanging fruits in the medical research and combines them into a single protocol.

The idea is to refine an algoithm that takes care of you better than you can take care of yourself, and to use the energy and time you save to focus on more important things, like shaping a brighter future.

Here is how I approached adapting Blueprint to fit my life.

1. Define the why

I identify as a person that does not sacrifice health in the pursuit of my goals. In fact, I feel that by doubling down on healthy habits, I can better achieve what I want to acheive.

This is not a universally held belief. Many people are willing to sacrifice their health for their goals. The most prominant example is Elon Musk, who is known for his insane work ethic and lack of sleep. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, and maybe he needed every minute to make Tesla and SpaceX work. I like to think that better health habits would have allowed him to be more efficient and achieve the same outcome with much less pain, and in a more sustainable way.

I want to be as physically and mentally sharp as autonomously possible. I want my basic daily needs to take up as little time and brain power as possible, but also be as healthly as possible. I know I can't have it all, but if I can find the 20% that gives me 80% of the benefits, I will be satisfied.

2. Define my constraints

What parts of Blueprint can I not follow?

  1. I find myself more of a night owl. Also, there are often sporting events that I want to watch that are later in the evening.

  2. Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS). Can only do cooked vegetables and fruits. Nuts are out.

  3. $1,684.50/month is too much at this time. Let's try to get it down to $600/month.

3. The plan


Let's try 10:30pm - 7:30am instead of 8:30pm - 5:30am.

Blue light blocking glasses 2 hours before bed.

1 hour downtime before bed, includes:

  • Read

  • Oral Hygiene - will use Waterpik and OJOOK toothpaste

  • 5-10 min stretch routine

Sleep alone.

Room as dark as possible. Aim for 68 degrees.


The key change I made is I went from 3 meals to 2 meals with a snack of some baked cinnamon apples. I can't do the Nutty Pudding or his example third meals because of allergies. My dinner will be a Salmon or Chicken, rotating each day, with asparagus, rice, and a sweet potato.

I have a Costco, Natural Grocers, and Trader Joe's nearby. I will try to get as much as I can from Costco, then fill in the rest from Natural Grocers or Trader Joe's. Some products I will need to order online.

I have calculated the cost to be:

Green Giant ($169.23) + Super Veggie ($242.10) + Baked Apples ($43.92) + Salmon/Chicken Dinner ($381.30) = $836.55 / person / month

$27.89 / person / day

A bit more expensive than I wanted. I will trial it for a month and see how it goes.

Here are the details from Cronometer:


I like Bryan Johnson's fitness routine a lot, as it is heavily inspired by Kneesovertoesguy who I have been following for a while.

However, I plan to start with a more basic routine. I need to just get into the habit of working out every day. Will add exercises and equipment as I go.

3x through, 90 sec rest between sets, 7 days a week (these are my starting reps, will increase as I get stronger):


10 min HIIT on the Peloton (M, W, F)

That's it.


4. Testing

Going to the extent of Bryan Johnson in testing all the varioius biomarkers to quantify the state of my health is not practical or economical as of now. So, my plan is to largely rely on the data from the WHOOP I just ordered, particularly my sleep score, and optimize around that.

My blueprint

Check it out!

I will keep updating it as I go. Excited for the journey!